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Pipe Smoker Corn Cob

FDA proposes to extend its tobacco authority to include cigars and pipe tobacco.

On April 24, 2014 the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) proposed a new rule that would extend the agency’s tobacco authority to cover cigars and pipe tobacco.

The proposal would jeopardize any pipe tobacco blend brought to market after February 15, 2007. Any blend on the market before that date would not be affected. Blends brought to market after February 15, 2007 would have to undergo extensive testing that could cost thousands of dollars for each blend. That would leave the blenders and manufacturers of pipe tobacco with two choices. One, pull the blends off the market or two, have the tests conducted and raise the price to cover the cost.

Either way the pipe smoker looses.

To stay informed, click Outwest Tobacco Blog for updates.

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       What's New?      

These imported high quality briar pipes by Molina were reasonably priced at $79.95 , now $64.95. These hefty pipes are 5" to 6" long with a 2" bowl height. Made in Italy with Italian briar with the traditional Italian craftmanship.

Quality Briar Pipe Molina-Sera #01 Quality Briar Pipe Molina-Sera #02 Quality Briar Pipe Molina-Sera #03 Quality Briar Pipe Molina-Sera #04 Quality Briar Pipe Molina-Sera #05
Lane, Ltd

The classic blend by Lane, Ltd, Crown Achievement has been re-incarnated along with the popular LL-7

Buy them here.

GL Pease Gaslight 2 oz Tin

Since its release in October, 2013, Gaslight, the newest blend by GL Pease has been a popular favorite. Mr. Pease describes it " Gaslight is a rich Latakia mixture, structured with layers of mature red virginias and spiced with orientals. It's pressed and aged in cakes, then cut into one ounce bars of about 1" x 1" x 2". Buy it here G L Pease Tin Tobacco

newminster Tobacco logo
We are proud to add the Newminster line of fine Danish pipe tobacco. The line has many fine boutique blends, of which we have five. If we do not have your choice, please let us know and we will do our best to get it for you.
Outwest Tobacco Brand

Savinelli Oscar Lucite briar pipe
Oscar Lucite

Savinelli Hercules briar pipe

Savinelli Baronet briar pipe Baronet

Savinelli Antique Shell briar pipe
Antique Shell

Savinelli Unfinished briar pipe

The Savinelli story started in 1876 when Achille Savinelli Sr. opened one of the first stores in the world exclusively selling smoking articles. The small shop, which is still at its original location, soon became a meeting place where passionate smokers could exchange opinions and discuss experiences. As a young man, Achille, Jr. began his specialization in pipe making in the small workshop in the back of the store. While his parents tended to the needs of the customers, he preferred to stay in the back working, designing and inventing. It was in that workshop that the first genuine Savinelli pipe came to light. Achilli, Jr. recognized that the best-selling pipes in Italy at that time were made abroad while Italy grew the best quality briar. This point bothered him so much he decided to start up his own production of high-quality pipes, at a time when all other Italian pipe makers mass-produced poor quality, shoddy pipes. He had tremendous confidence in his ability to produce a quality product, which, coupled with national pride, proved successful.

Savinelli pipes have become the mark of excellence for briar pipes on a global basis, largely due to his ability to match imagination with good taste, obtaining a purity of line with a pleasing balance of form and function. The most important thing that you should know is that all Savinelli pipes are rigorously hand crafted: it is not possible to industrially produce pipes, at least not Savinelli pipes, which during production are followed piece by piece like they are jewels

The main difference which exists in the pipes concerns their shapes: defined or free hand shape.

We carry several series of Savinelli briar pipes, as shown on the left, in defined shapes.

Outwest Tobacco Brand
Our briar pipe brands are priced to fit your budget and include:
• Peterson
• Savinelli
• Amadeus

• Churchwarden
• Economy Pipes/ H.I.S
• Meerschaum Pipes

Outwest Tobacco Brand
  We carry an excellent selection by the best pipe tobacco manufacturers in the world. Try a 1 oz Sample. Most 1 oz samples are $4.50, some are more, plus shipping and handling. Go to a page of Bulk Tobacco and select the 1 oz sample in the drop down menu. Try several, and come back and buy the one you like!
Century Tobacco
Century Tobacco: Expertly blended by master blenders of Golden Virginia and Mellow White Burley, Century Tobacco has a buttered rum pipe tobacco that will please the the most finical pipe smoker. Their Sunset Rum is a Virginia blend with Burleys and a modest amount of black Cavendish.
Cornell & Diehl
Cornell and Diehl: ranks among the best of the pipe tobacco blenders and manufactures. Their small batch, hand blending method produces some of the world's most popular pipe tobaccos including English, Burley Based, Virginia Based, Aromatics and Flakes. They are also the blenders for the famous G. L. Pease and Two Friends pipe tobacco. Available in bulk or tins, from a mild smoke to a stout smoke for your favorite pipe, there is surely something in their product line to satisfy your taste. If you don't find your favorite listed here, give us a call and we will get it for you.
Dan's Tobacco
Dan's Tobacco: Dan's Black Velvet,and Sweet Vanilla Honeydew are superior aromatic blends. They use the best Black Cavendish, Golden Virginia, Light Virginias and Bright Leaf to blend these fine tobaccos.
Lane Tobacco
Lane, LTD: A Lane pipe tobacco is the favorite for many pipe smokers. The 1Q blend is reportedly the best selling pipe tobacco in the country with its Golden Cavendish blend. Other favorite bulk pipe tobaccos from Lane are MV-1000, matured Golden Virginia tobaccos, BCA, a fire-cured Cavendish, RLP-6, blended with Golden Virginia and Burleys is a premium version of Captain Black.
MacBaren Pipe Tobacco
Mac Baren Tobacco: Mac Baren is known for consistency in good taste with every pipe full. Over the years they have established their reputation of pipe tobacco products that have taste, strength and aroma that pipe smokers want. The professional taste panel at Mac Barens meets weekly to test selected tobaccos and their assessments contribute to consistency in taste.
McClelland Pipe Tobacco
McClelland Tobacco: Since 1977 McClelland has established a tradition of craftsmanship in tobaccos for the pipe. A pipe smoker can surely find the strength and taste he is looking for in their broad range of pipe smoking tobacco. Their blends include Premium Aromatics, Matured Virginias, Oriental Mixtures, Latakia Blends, the traditional Christmas Cheer and Holiday Spirit and many more.
Samuel Gawith Pipe Tobacco
Samuel Gawith: Located in Kendal, England, this company has been manufacturing pipe tobacco since 1792 and has maintained their original methods of blending and manufacturing. Their variety of Flakes, Mixtures, Plugs and Twists, as evidenced by the 63 blends reviewed in www.tobaccoreviews.com provides a wide selection enjoyed in all walks of life the world over.
Peter Stokkebye Pipe Tobacco
Stokkebye: Stokkebye Pipe tobacco is in their 4th generation and have been popular in the U. S. for over 40 years. They have some of the finest Danish bulk tobacco blends made. There is at least one blend in their line that will suit every pipe smoker.
Newminster Pipe Tobacco
  Newminster: It is our new brand of bulk tobaccos, it was created in partnership with another multi-generation family of tobacconists in Denmark, the country known for making the finest pipe tobaccos.
Outwest Tobacco Brand
Tin Pipe Tobacco: Our great selection of Tin Pipe Tobacco will surely please the most descriminate of pipe smokers. Now in stock, C&D's newest blend - Morning Drive Time, a light English and burley blend with a touch of perique.
• Cornell & Diehl
• Dan's
• Dunhill

• G L Pease
Mac Baren
• McClelland
• Peterson
• Samuel Gawith
Outwest Tobacco Brand

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How to Get a Cool, Dry Smoke from Your Pipe, by Eric Whitaker: Here are a few simple tips, techniques and a wee bit of knowledge to help you get the BEST smoke from your pipes and tobacco. Some people give up the potential pleasures of their pipes and tobaccos, so I asked myself “Why?”, and here are a few facts found from my own research: Most new pipe smokers experience “tongue bite” from their pipes or tobacco because of the following reasons, by category:
Entire article - How to Get a Cool, Dry Smoke from Your Pipe.

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