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Lane, Ltd Bulk Pipe Tobacco

A Lane, Ltd. Bulk Pipe Tobacco is the favorite for many pipe smokers. The 1Q blend is reportedly the best selling pipe tobacco in the country with its Golden Cavendish blend. Other favorite bulk pipe tobaccos from Lane are MV-1000, matured Golden Virginia tobaccos, BCA, a fire-cured Cavendish, RLP-6, blended with Golden Virginia and Burleys is a premium version of Captain Black.


Basically a Golden Cavendish blend. A hint of fire-cured blended pipe tobacco provides a scintillating taste and a favorable aroma.


Fire-cured Cavendish lightly flavored to produce an extremely mild, slow burning cool smoke. The country's best selling Black Cavendish.


Burley Light Without A Bite. Here's a Burley Blend without Burley's traditional bite and with Lane Limited's fabulous aroma. A unique blend. The person who likes Burley will like BL/WB and so will the people around him.

Black Raspberry

The fragrance of Black Raspberry embraces a well-rounded blend of flavorful Virginias, mellow Burley and Black Cavendish tobaccos.


Toasted Cavendish is laced with Mountain Latakia, then blended with White Burley and Golden virginia to produce a sweet, fuller-bodied smoke, yet cool and slow burning.


Aroma, one of the most important aspects of any smoking pipe tobacco, is the paramount consideration in this blend of Golden Cavendish pipe tobacco. Everyone with a smelling distance loves it.


A blend of the finest matured Golden Virginia pipe tobaccos, enhanced by a subtle aromatic fragrance.


The premium version of Captain Black regular. Blended with just the right proportion of Golden Virginia and Burleys, the basic blend of Toasted Cavendish takes on a zesty dimension. This is another mixture that gets better as you smoke it all day long.


Toasted Cavendish once again forms the mellowing flavor of this blend, but now a blend of Burley add a robust zing and a hint of cherry, just the right amount of sweetness.

Very Cherry

A rich mixture of traditional Burleys, bright Virginias and Toasted Cavendish laced with a unique "very cherry" flavor for a smooth aromatic smoking experience with a pleasant room aroma.