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Coffee Maker Cleaner

Outwest Stores' Coffee Maker Cleaner is perfect for regular cleaning and descaling of home coffee makers and expresso machines. The citrus based cleaner dissolves minerals, lime scale and other hard water residue in addition to coffee stains.

Coffee Maker Cleaner

• Easy, convenient, safe.
• Non-toxic, biodegradeable.
• Safe for use on glass, plastic, porcelain, stainless steel.
• For use in Dripolators, Percolators, Carafes, Decanters and Tea Pots.
• Use in Thermos, airpots, vacuum bottles, irons, steamers, tea kettles.
• It breaks down lime and mineral deposits that can leave a rancid taste and discoloration in your coffee maker and coffee pot.

Hard Water and Lime Scale Remover

Hard water and lime scale can do serious damage to coffee makers, tea pots, and expresso machines. Build up prevents proper heating and lime deposits clog water lines. Your coffee or tea looses the the flavor you once enjoyed. Outwest Stores Coffee Pot Cleaner is an easy to use, non-toxic cleaner and scale remover.

• Recommended to clean and descale any container, appliance, plumbing, sinks, tubs that hold or are exposed to water for any period of time. Perfect for irons, humidifiers, shower heads, sinks, and ceramic tile.